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Chatham Snapshots

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The goal of Chatham Snapshots is to bring forward the perspective of all the communities in the county, showing how we are one community with many different experiences. We want to learn from you, the expert, in what it’s like to live, work, and play as a resident of Chatham. Your voice, your perspective, your experience is the most important part in making sure that the local departments and organizations reach for goals with you at the center. Help us to see you, your family, friends, and community through Snapshots of your life!

What to Do

Look at the prompts below and take a picture that answers one of the prompts for you. You can use a fancy camera, your phone, a disposable camera, anything. After you take the picture, write a summary of no more than one typed page of what the photo is and how it answers the prompt for you. Submit the photo and summary to by DECEMBER 3, 2021.

The Prompts

When taking your photo, take one that describes:

  • What home looks like for you in Chatham

  • What your life looks like in Chatham

  • What you think is the best of Chatham

  • How you see yourself reflected in Chatham

The Rules

There are a few rules you'll need to keep in mind when taking your picture and submitting your entry. They include:

  • Do NOT share pictures that include profanity, hate speech, abusive/harmful language or represent views that attack, demean, or degrade different people, cultures, or beliefs. They will not be accepted for this project.

  • Only entries submitted by Chatham County residents will be considered for inclusion.

  • Entries can be in English and/or Spanish.

  • We prefer PNGs, but will also accept JPGs. Please make sure each photo is submitted at its highest resolution.

  • Entries can be anonymous, but you will be required to submit a Media Release Form that gives the Chatham County Public Health Department permission to use your photo in the Assessment and other related projects. 

  • If you take a photo that includes other people in a way in which they can be easily identified, we require that they also fill out the Media Release Form.

How Your Submission Will Be Used

If accepted, your submissions to the Chatham Snapshots project will be used to compile an accompanying report to the 2021 Chatham County Community Assessment. In a way, it serves as a visual time capsule for what Chatham was like in 2021.

Accepted submissions will be used in print and digital versions of the project along with the photographer's name and city of residence. If you have a professional photography or art social media account or website, you may include that handle or URL in your submission, but we will evaluate your accounts to ensure they are family-friendly for the Chatham community before it is included in the project.

Enter to Win a Gift Card!

A $20 Visa gift card drawing will take place every Monday from November 22nd through December 20th and a grand prize $40 Visa gift card drawing will take place on Friday 12/31. Everyone who submits an entry will be entered to win the gift card!



  • There can only be one Chatham Snapshot entry per person.

  • If your entry wins a $20 gift card, you will not be eligible for another $20 gift card drawing.

  • All entries will be eligible for the grand prize $40 gift card drawing.

  • To be eligible for the drawing you must submit your entry before 4:30pm on the day of the drawing and complete and submit a media release form.

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